Activity T2.

Development of superparamagnetic MRI contrast agents using a core/shell design, with enhanced biocompatibility and low toxicity.

Sub-activity T2.1. Synthesis of nanoparticles (NPs) with iron oxide core and gold shell, capped with polyethylene glycol (PEG), human albumin or glucose.

Sub-activity T2.1.1 Synthesis of core/shell iron oxide/gold NPs capped with PEG, human albumin or glucose.

Sub-activity T2.1.2 Magnetic and physico-chemical characterization of core/shell iron oxide/gold NPs.

Sub-activity T2.1.3 Assessment of NPs interaction with proteins from blood plasma.

Sub-activity T2.2. In vitro studies.

Sub-activity T2.2.1 Viability and cytotoxicity studies.

Sub-activity T2.2.2 NPs intracellular localization.

Sub-activity T2.2.3 In vitro contrast-to-noise ratio evaluation.

Sub-activity T2.3. In vivo studies.

Sub-activity T2.3.1 In vivo contrast-to-noise ratio evaluation.

Sub-activity T2.3.2 In vivo single and repeated dose toxicity study in rat.

Sub-activity T2.3.3 Inflammatory response to core/shell iron oxide/gold NPs.


  • Protocol for synthesis and physico-chemical characterization of nanoparticles
  • Protocol for gold reduction and for production of stable colloidal nanoparticles
  • Results of in vitro studies on different cell lines
  • Ethical approval no. 141 from the Sanitary Veterinary and Food Safety Authority Cluj for animal testing (November 13, 2018).
  • National Patent Application: Method for obtaining nanoparticles with magnetite core and glucose-stabilized gold coating. Registration no. A 2019 00571/16.09.2019.
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